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John seeks to break down the barriers that prevent men and women from addressing deep rooted anger and hurt from the wounds they have suffered in this life by candidly and openly sharing his story, his failings, and his path to a new way of life. John’s mission is to educate, encourage and equip men to become the fathers they were created to be, and to help men walk in daily awareness of their significant and lifelong influence as fathers. Through The Father Effect Movie & Book, John shares stories and messages that will move viewers & readers to a new awareness about the everlasting impact of fathers and the importance of forgiveness and openness in the relationships of this world. 

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Testimonials About John

"The Father Effect is one of the most powerful documentaries I have ever seen. It effectively reveals how critically important a father is to his children. This movie encourages dads of all ages to step up to the parenting challenge and offers hope and healing for those suffering with a father wound. I recommend it highly!."
Pastor Jeff Shreve, 1st Baptist Church Texarkana, Texas
"We hosted the Father Effect Weekend at our church. John's story is transformative. His honesty and vulnerability was inspiring, compelling, and will touch your heart. Buy his book, watch his movie, and by all means, get this guy to your church. You won't regret it."
Pastor Larry Kaufman, Grace Church, Millersburg, Ohio
"Besides the Bible, this book & film changed my life as a father. It will change your’s too. The Father Effect film & book is the perfect gift for new dads, old dads & strained relationships. Thousands of dads, moms, sons and daughters are learning parenthood never came with a manual, until now."
Ward W. Bond, PhD; Host of Life Changing Wellness Radio & Think Natural Television

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