The Father Effect 94 Minute film

After 30 years of struggling with the effects of growing up fatherless, filmmaker John Finch began a journey to come to terms with the impact of the incredible void he was only beginning to recognize, and the ways in which it was playing out in his own role as a dad to three young daughters. In 2010, John started a journey to find forgiveness for his father, who committed suicide when John was only eleven years old. Recognizing the need to find peace, healing and direction as a man, husband, and father, John poured himself into The Father Effect documentary, taking a hard look into his own father’s life and struggles, and interviewing countless others who shared insight into the father wound and the life-changing power of forgiveness. Through the story of his own life, and the many stories of others, John shares with his viewers the overwhelming impact fathers have on their children, the power and life-change of forgiveness for fathers who did not get it all right, and inspiration and insight for children and fathers everywhere who need to be encouraged and inspired.

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THE MOVIE - Following the far-reaching impact of The Father Effect short film, filmmaker John Finch narrates this full length documentary, detailing his own struggles of growing up without a dad, how it influenced his life, his insights into his own father wound, the life-changing power of forgiveness, and his overwhelming desire as a fatherless man to find his way as he raises three young daughters.  While in the midst of this journey to find forgiveness for his dad, John had no idea how it would radically change his life forever as a man, husband, and father.  

This story, a project that took 5 years to complete, is about John, but it’s also a story about the millions of others that have grown up and who are growing up without a father, and the significant and lifelong impact fathers have on their children and the generations that follow them. In The Father Effect documentary John takes a real and difficult look at his own father’s life and eventual suicide, and shares inspiration and insight for children and fathers everywhere who need to be encouraged and inspired.  Throughout the film, John shares the powerful father stories of people from all walks of life, including a former exotic dancer, a drug addict, a former All-American & NFL quarterback, prison inmates, millionaires, counselors, best-selling authors, and many other ordinary people with extraordinary stories. The 94 minute film includes the 60 minute film and 34 minutes of additional interview clips and stories, some never before released.  

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