what people are saying about the father effect book

"The Father Effect is an extremely important book and offers hope to all who read, for healing, redirection, forgiveness, and the knowledge that they can be great parents. If we want to leave a mark in this world, let us be about the business of following the instruction John gives us in this wonderful book." 

Meg Meeker, MD, bestselling author of Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters and the country's leading authority of parenting, teens, and children's health


“Father wounds don't heal with time. They must be addressed with love and forgiveness. In his book, The Father Effect, John Finch addresses the real pain associated with this wound and how it affects our ability to be a father to our children. I highly recommend this book for those wanting to address their own father issues as well as those seeking to be equipped to be a great father!”  

Tom Lane, author of Influence of a Father and Lead Executive Senior Pastor of Gateway Church

“With courageous vulnerability, my friend, John Finch paints an emotionally gripping portrait of the undeniably powerful impact a father (or lack of one) has on the lives of children. The Father Effect is a story of brokenness, redemption, and vision for finding healing the only place it can be found– in the gospel.” 

Kris Dolberry, Men’s Ministry Specialist, LifeWay Christian Resources

"John Finch is a man with unstoppable conviction and heart. His new book The Father Effect is a strong debut worth reading." 

Dr. John Sowers, author of The Heroic Path and Fatherless Generation

“The Father Effect is desperately needed today . . . . Because John Finch has been deeply wounded himself, he knows the powerful healing that Jesus Christ offers through His wounds that heal us and His resurrection that redeems us.  May those who recognize their own wounds

through this book also find healing from the same Word made flesh Who healed John.” 

Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ, Ph.D. 

“The Father Effect is a revealing, honest, and moving account of one man’s experience with the wound created by the tragic death of his father when the author was 11 years old. That story will undoubtedly prompt men to reflect on their own relationships and perhaps wounds from their fathers. It will also inspire readers by hearing about the role of faith and the redemptive power of forgiveness for paternal shortcomings. Much wise and useful advice is contained in the book for men who are searching for ways to become the type of father they wish they'd had.” 

George W. Holden, Ph.D., Department of Psychology, Southern Methodist University

What people are saying about the full length movie

“I've been praying a lot lately for answers. This movie has given me those answers. It is making the way for some real healing in my life

and has given me hope again! You have no idea what kind of impact this has had on me. Life changing movie."  Anna

Very powerful movie. Every man and family should see this movie.” Brenda

“I can't believe how wonderful your film is! It's a true Divinely inspired piece. Thank you so much for sharing your story and putting it together. 

For me, it made me understand more of the issues I have with my father. But, more importantly, it gave me examples of what to do and what not to do as I navigate fatherhood with my own son. I believe anyone who watches it will appreciate you. Thank you, sir. God bless!” David

WOW!! "The Father Effect" was amazing. So powerful!  

I know God has & will use your story to help many families!! What a gift you have given.” Beth

“The first 15 minute of this movie summed up my life in a nutshell. 

I immediately sent it out to all of my siblings. Thank you for your hard work.” Kate

“I watched it last evening on EWTN. There are so many people, men & women,that I believe would benefit from watching & taking their advice. I am one of them. Thank you so much for sharing & making this available. God bless you.” Judy

“I just watched this on EWTN. In one hour, the impact of this movie is so powerful. 

This is a must watch for every man.” Pamela

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 THE MOVIE - Following the far-reaching impact of The Father Effect short film, filmmaker John Finch narrates this full length documentary, detailing his own struggles of growing up without a dad, how it influenced his life, his insights into his own father wound, the life-changing power of forgiveness, and his overwhelming desire as a fatherless man to find his way as he raises three young daughters.  While in the midst of this journey to find forgiveness for his dad, John had no idea how it would radically change his life forever as a man, husband, and father.  

This story, a project that took 5 years to complete, is about John, but it’s also a story about the millions of others that have grown up and who are growing up without a father, and the significant and lifelong impact fathers have on their children and the generations that follow them. In The Father Effect documentary John takes a real and difficult look at his own father’s life and eventual suicide, and shares inspiration and insight for children and fathers everywhere who need to be encouraged and inspired.  Throughout the film, John shares the powerful father stories of people from all walks of life, including a former exotic dancer, a drug addict, a former All-American & NFL quarterback, prison inmates, millionaires, counselors, best-selling authors, and many other ordinary people with extraordinary stories. The 94 minute film includes the 60 minute film and 34 minutes of additional interview clips and stories, some never before released.  

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