The Encouraging Dads Project Story

     The Encouraging Dads Project was an idea that came out of John's experience in making The Father Effect Movie.  As John talked to dads from all walks of life, he heard heartbreaking stories about how dads feel beat up, discouraged, and frustrated with their lives as dads. John was moved to do something to help encourage and inspire dads and The Encouraging Dads Project was born. 

     The mission is simple. We want to share positive & encouraging stories and ideas from men & women about how a father, mentor, coach, grandfather, teacher, or father figure etc. did or said something that was memorable or even life changing.  We have published our first volume (ebook) of 30 short stories, which you can order here.

     Visit our website and please consider sharing your story in written or video format at so we can help each other become better and stronger dads, which will help all of us have better and stronger families. We share these stories on all of our social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube. And please help us spread the word about the website so others can share, hear, and read the stories and dads all over the world can be inspired and encouraged!